Monday, December 13, 2010

Feed Me

Blessed are the hungry, for they shall be filled

Oh, my belly groans, moaning to be filled

McDonald’s French fries
Super size
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Mmm, finger lickin’ good
Oh, yeah, Pizza Hut
Super Supreme
Hold the anchovies please
Thick crust
Extra cheese

Yo guiero Taco Bell
(The only Mexican I know)
And Caramel Apple Empanadas

But all I really want is a slice
Of the Great American Pie
And all I get is a fried lie
Shaped like a brick
And you know, I eat them up
And stack them high
A teetering Tower of Babel
Just read the label—
Calories, cholesterol,
Sodium, sugar, and fat…

My life, this fast food drive through
Ravenous and raving
Craving a quick fix
I’m addicted

Fast food for a fast life
Eat fast, die young
And leave a bloated corpse—

At least my belly will be full
Chemicals, additives, artificial flavors,
Artificial colors, artificial sweeteners
And Red Die # 9
Embalming me
Dried by all the preservatives

The cemetery, like a city dump
Full of disposable diapers
Taking centuries to decompose
Frozen, the cycle of life
No more ashes to ashes and dust to dust

So what’s the half-life of plastic?
Well, at least a part of me will achieve immortality

But isn’t life more than food?

A man shall not live on bread alone
So said Jesus to the stones
When he was alone in the wilderness
Tempted by desire

He resisted the world
The riches of the kingdoms
In all their glory
But I can’t even resist
French fries
Fried apple pies
Milkshakes and McNuggets
They tug at my soul
And I can eat a whole bunch of that
Sitting in my car
Waiting for the traffic light to change…my life

I see a guy in the car next to me
He’s eating a taco

The woman behind me
She’s stuffing a Carl’s Jr. Burger in her face
Dripping shit all over the place

The guy up ahead
He’s sucking on a straw
A Big Gulp of soda
And a Snicker’s bar

I know it’s not against the law
But shouldn’t we eat at home
And not alone in a car?

And then I began to understand the man
What Jesus said
It’s not just the bread
And it’s a whole lot more than the wine
It’s the time
We spend together
Sharing and caring
Daring to be an assembly of love
The truly healthy diet

Give me a piece of that pie
And I will give you a hug

Oh, I love hugs.
They have no calories
And yet, they feed me

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