Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Hey, what'd you say?
Did you just Dis me?

Your verbal grenade, made to destroy
Shrapnel sharpened for the kill
To condemn me to hell
To the depths of despair
To the dark, shapeless void
            The Abyss
The Woeful World of Dis

I plunge to a place beyond the embrace of hope
To feel the cold shoulder of apathy
While you happily go on your way
I’m wounded, angry, resentful…

Disillusioned by your lies
Disheartened by your betrayal
Dismissed by your Dispassionate Display
Dishonored by your lack of faith
Disgruntled by your denial of hope
Distraught by your lack of love

My life in Disarray
Disabled from Discrimination

I’m bleeding…

I want to Disengage from community
Nurture my rage
And stoke this Dispute
I want to Discharge my Disgust
Create an arsenal of Disdain
I want to Discredit your accusations
Disavow your power
Disallow your freedom
And quench my thirst for vengeance

I’m alone…

I’m stranded in the desert, now
Parched from isolation
Dizzy with desolation
Stumbling through this
Dark Night of the Soul
Where I remain, lost in oblivion

Praying for a Dispensation of grace
For this winter of Discontent
To be made glorious summer
For my barren tree to bloom
For something to nourish me in this land of doom

I’m searching…

Disoriented, I lack direction
I can’t find a connection to life
How do you love your enemy
How to find forgiveness, growth and meaning
I’m tired of leaning on hatred

A lump in the dust, round and smooth
In the gloom I assume it’s a grenade
Something made especially for me
A divine intervention
An opportunity

I grasp…

White-knuckled grip, ready to throw                                                                    
Ready to let my fury go
But this grenade bursts in my hand                                             
Bleeding, oozing
Leaving its mark on me
Spatter on my face
Seeds spilled all over the place


I eat…

The first seed –
Bland with Disinterest

The second seed –
Bitter with Disappointment

The third seed –
Disarms me, sweet with promise
Dissuading me from surrendering to despair

The fourth seed –
Disburses a taste of hope
Dispels my confusion
Sheds light in the dark

The fifth seed –
Dispenses medicine for my aching soul
Tells me to Disconnect from my victim role

The sixth seed –
Discernment shows me
Hate is a Disease
Distributed with ignorance
Distracting us from truth,
We are all Children of God, each and every one

The seventh seed –
Disendows my claim for revenge
Disciplines my anger
Disabuses my inclination toward violence
The Dissonance it creates

I plant…

Nurturing forgiveness
An orchard emerging
Surging through my soul
Bearing fruit
Resurrecting my ability to love

A Discovery

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