Monday, October 4, 2010

Over Three Times the Legal Limit

I arrest a lot of public drunks, everything from weekend revelers to daily derelicts. This morning I arrested a guy on SW 25th street in South Oklahoma City. He had soiled clothes, was unshaven, and reeking of Listerine (the drink of choice among my regulars).

Nothing unusual happened. He was fairly happy and easy to handle. I took him to Detox where he blew a .245 on the handheld breathalyzer they use during the book-in process. Over three times the legal limit, .08 in Oklahoma, and yet he was relatively stable on his feet. He kept insisting he wasn't drunk, that he'd slept it off from last night. The drunker they are, the more they insist they're not intoxicated.

Tomorrow, I'll patrol the alleys on my beat like I always do, and I'll probably find the same guy, take him back to Detox and start the cycle all over again. He'll ask for beans and bread, fall into bed and dream of scoring a bottle of real liquor, the good stuff, Kentucky Deluxe.

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