Friday, October 1, 2010

Stained Glass

I guess I'd be a good Catholic, at least when it comes to confession. I have a confessing spirit, but I'm not satisfied confessing to a priest in a shadowy booth, masked by curtains, an obscuring screen. I want to be transparent.
That's not to say I'd like to be invisible. There is a difference.

The invisible are ignored, neglected, illegitimate. The invisible inhabit a world of shadows, deception, and obscurity. Sometimes they like the dark, but often, they just hide there afraid of discovery, afraid to stand in the light of scrutiny.

The transparent let the light flow through them, and by doing so, they help illuminate the path for others. Of course, the light gets altered by culture and history, identity and perspective, contorted and changed by movement and distance, but the light shines through them nonetheless.

I like to think of humanity as a grand mosaic of stained glass offering the many colors of truth. Here, I offer my own sliver of experience, hoping to contribute to something that adds to the greater light of being.

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