Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Plunge

You say I’m getting ready to take a plunge
A lunge straight into hell
I might as well jump off the Empire State Building

But I say, it wouldn’t be so bad
A good time could be had
And right now, as I contemplate the trip
I feel the pull of gravity, magnetic
A gigantic force
I no longer have the will to fight
It ignites a curiosity
Enticing me to see if I could survive
So dramatic a dive into
What could be oblivion

Or might I get caught in the weather
Float like a feather
In the drafty winds blowing about
Here and there, up and down
Hovering above the town
Where the lights twinkle bright
A delight to my sight, calming my fright
As I lean further than sanity allows

I’m not sure what kind of trip I’ll have
Such is life
Terminal or Eternity
Suspended in a moment
Forever in a breath
Nothing like life or death

I look down to the street below
Hypnotized, no time to rationalize
I fall

I see you at the window on the 83rd floor                 
You yell, “How’s your trip to hell?”

I shout back; the wind in my lungs
Riding the breeze, feeling release
The ease of burden left behind

“I don’t know, but the view looks good from here.”

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