Monday, January 3, 2011

The Wind

Oh, I long for justice
But with you, I know it’s going to be Just Is

I know I’m justifiable
But you laugh and say
Only myself
To see you as a human being
Not a freak

I scream and shout, run about
Up and down the street all day and night
Asking for equality

But you don’t hear my voice
Listen to my words
Perceive my being

We must seek common ground
But you say
We have nothing in common
Not today or any day

I do know this...
After we sift through all the mud and shit and dust and rubble
Dig down to one essential thing
You cannot deny that I draw breath
(As you do, too)

And that’s enough for me to know
We are the same kind of creature
Because we breathe
We share the air

Air is free
You can’t grow it, age it, or refine it
You can't define it, monetarily
You can’t order a select cut of USDA choice air
Air is free

Take a breath

You must know, you breathed the same air
I breathed moments ago
But don’t worry, I’m not contagious.
You can’t turn into me nor I into you just by sharing air
Unless, you believe like the ancients did

In our breath resides the spirit
Breathed into us by God
And when take our last breath
The spirit leaves, joining with the breeze
Since we'll be together
One way or another
We might as well start now

We must understand
When we die, we expel our spirits into the wind
To move what we will move
To go where we will go
And, you know, only God knows
Where the wind blows
How it goes
Whom it moves

So, listen
There's a message
We hardly ever hear
Stop the clutter, the clatter
All the senseless noise

Draw near
In Communion

Oh Come Union...

Be together in peace
In Community

Oh Come Unity...

A prayer
Carried in the wind
To the ears of God

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