Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Word as Sacrament

For poets, it’s the Word as sacrament…

We gather to hear the Word
Which has been held deep down inside
Where it cannot abide
It must be spoken
This, the true sacramental form
The outward and audible sign of
Inward and Spiritual grace

The grace of the Word is free
The Word enlightens our minds
Stirs our hearts
And strengthens our will

And we will speak!

In the Beginning was the Word
And the Word was spoken
And through this, all things came into being
And without the Word, nothing has being

The poet knows this
The poet lives by the word
            The sacred word
And the poet desires to share the word
Because the poet believes in the word

If you doubt the power of words
Read the first chapter in a book called Genesis…


And we are trying to echo that ancient command
Trying to say something that stirs
The Universe or (at least) someone’s heart
                        To life…

Something astounding
Something incredibly moving

Let there be


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